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Year 5


Pupils in Year 5 are in split into two classes: 5A and 5Alpha.

During the morning, learning is mainly focused on developing pupils as readers, writers and mathematicians. Our afternoon sessions support pupils to use their morning learning in arithmetic, grammar and spelling as well as developing their skills and knowledge in other curriculum areas: Religious Education (RE), Personal Social Health Education (PSHE), Geography and History. Another huge focus in our afternoons is Group Reading. Each child reads once a week with the class teacher within a small group. This is a chance for pupils to have some one-to-one time with the teacher, sharing their love of stories with one another, whilst discussing themes; characters; language and many other aspects of reading. Over the week, pupils are taught by specialist teachers for Art, Physical Education (PE), French and Science.

We believe that pupils learn best when their parents/carers and teachers work closely together. Because of this, we are always happy to discuss your child’s progress - just pop in and see us at the end of the school day. Our doors are always open!

Letters to parents

Letters that have been circulated to parents are available for you to view and download here.

Times of a school day

These are the times that apply to a year 5 pupil’s school day.

08:55Pupils line up in playground
09:05-10:00reading lesson
10:00-11:00writing lesson
11:00-11:15morning break
11:15-12:30maths lesson
13:30-15:25afternoon session

Morning routine

In the morning, class teachers will collect their pupils from the playground and take them to their classrooms ready to start the day promptly.


Please click here for our expectations of punctuality with arrival & collection of your child.


Miss Andrea Sperling5A - class teacher
Miss Sophie Eaton5 alpha - class teacher

PE (Physical Education)


This year, Year 5 have been involved with a local project called ‘Imagineers’. They have visited the Imagineerium (a creative workshop that involves a range of professionals in the arts) and have also visited Charter House.

As a result of Coventry winning the city of culture, Charter House has been given money to be revamped and turned into a new park which will have a range of new features. One of these includes an arts trail.

In 5A, we are working with the Imagineers’ team to create a “marvellous machine” that will represent the history of Coventry and World War 1. Pupils are learning about the history of Coventry through drama as this knowledge will be the basis for their machine design. This project focusses on pupils learning in a creative way, focussing on their art, drama, science and engineering skills.

Finally, their designs will be sketched by a professional graphic designer and pupils will make a prototype. This will then be entered into a competition with 5 other schools around Coventry to find a winner! The winning design will be seen in the Charter House grounds in the future!

In early July, Year 5 pupils also have the opportunity to attend a residential trip at Explore in Suffolk where they participate in a range of outdoor activities.


Homework, which helps pupils practise their learning, is set on a Friday and is due in on the following Wednesday. It will usually involve spelling and arithmetic. Pupils are also expected to read daily and record this on their class chart. They will also be expected to continue to learn their times tables in order to ensure that by the end of Year 5 they have a rapid recall of these.

Curriculum information


  • Autumn: Pupils focus on Harry Potter and a Language and literacy text- ‘Bling’. For the Harry Potter unit, pupils produced a setting and character descriptions. The following text allowed pupils to write a letter to ‘Chimichanga’ (a magical being) pleading him to bring their cat back to life. Additionally, pupils linked their humanities learning to writing and wrote a non-chronological report about Cleopatra.
  • Spring: Pupils focussed on Pie Corbett’s poetry as a model and used this to write their own poem about a city. Additionally, they wrote a fairy tale based on Cinderella- but with a gruesome twist!


The following strands will be covered across the three terms:

  • Number and place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, word problem, graphs, fractions, decimals, percentages, geometry, position and movement, measurement, area and perimeter, volume and roman numerals.

Times tables will also be practised on a daily basis alongside the above units.

For more information about the strands please click the National Curriculum link at the bottom of this page.

Humanities (Geography and History)

  • Autumn: The first half will focus on History and the Egyptians. This will include an in-depth look at the early civilisation of Ancient Egypt.
  • Spring: This term’s focus is Geography. The first half will focus on the topic of volcanoes & earthquakes and pupils will be able to describe and understand the key aspects of both.
    The second half will focus on Geography - Rivers, water cycle and mountains - describing and understanding the key aspects of all three through a range of active learning strategies.
  • Summer: The term will focus on History and the Royal Family. Key decisions or monarchs that have shaped our country.


  • Autumn: Pupils will learn how to use technology safely, responsibly and respectfully as part of our On-Line Safety Lessons.
  • Spring: Pupils have had the opportunity to look at how a computer network works within our school and present their findings using a multi-media resource tool.
  • Summer: Pupils will use the programming tool ‘2Code’ and ‘Scratch’. Pupils will be able to tell the computer what to do by giving it commands to which it will respond.

Other Information

Transition to Year 6

To enable them to prepare for their final year in primary school, both classes will spend a week in Year 6 during July 2017 with their new teachers.


The national curriculum

Key stage 1 and 2
(Gov.uk - Childcare and parenting)


National curriculum in England

primary curriculum (key stages 1 and 2)

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