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Year 3


Children in Year 3 are split into two classes - 3A and 3alpha. This is the first year of Key Stage 2. During the morning, learning is mainly focused on developing children as readers, writers and mathematicians. Our afternoon sessions support children to use their morning learning as well as developing their skills and knowledge in other curriculum areas: Geography, History, R.E., P.S.H.E and Computing. Over the week, children also are taught by specialist teachers for Art, P.E. (including swimming) and Science.

We believe that children learn best when their parents/carers and teachers work closely in partnership. Because of this, we are always happy to discuss your child’s wellbeing and progress - please come and chat to us at the end of the school day once all children have been dismissed.

Letters to parents

Letters that have been circulated to parents are available for you to view and download here.

Times of a school day

These are the times that apply to a year 3 pupil’s school day.

08:55children line up in the playground
15:25end of school

Morning routine

Children line up on the playground at 08:55 and the teacher will lead into the class when the whistle blows. Anyone who is late will have to go through to the main school office and register there first.


Please click here for our expectations of punctuality with arrival & collection of your child.


Miss Hollie Clark3A - class teacher
Miss Rosie Coulson3 alpha - class teacher

PE (Physical Education)

On Friday, children take part in PE and Swimming lessons. They will need to wear a tracksuit to school and bring their swimming kit with them.


To support their learning at home, we ask parents and carers to read with their child at least three times a week and record this in their reading records. Homework is set on a Thursday and is due in the following Wednesday. Children will have spellings and times tables to practise as well as a short grammar activity. If you would like to know how best to support your child with their homework, please just let us know.

Curriculum information


  • Autumn: At the beginning of the Year, children In Year 3 will study stories by a familiar Author (Anthony Browne). Children will spend a lot of time writing in Role; composing letters, diary entries and lost posters. After having a half-term focussed on fiction, in the second half of the Autumn Term there is a non-fiction focus; analysing information texts so they can create their own about dinosaurs.
  • Spring: In Spring, Year 3 will have a secret topic. Children will be covering a range of objectives including drama and writing for a variety of purposes and audiences.
  • Summer: During the Summer term, Children will have opportunities to improve their descriptive skills in preparation for year 4. They will use two key texts which have a clear focus on character description. children will also write their own version of one of the stories to help them to understand plot and story structure.


The following strands will be covered across the three terms:

  • Number and place value, addition / subtraction, measurement, fractions, multiplication / division, statistics, geometry and calculation

Times tables will also be practised on a daily basis alongside the above units.

For more information about the strands please click the National Curriculum link at the bottom of this page.

Humanities (Geography and History)

  • Autumn: First half term will focus on Geography and Marvellous Maps. This will involve a study of the Local area as well as UK.
    Second half of the term will focus on History - Stone Age to Iron Age. Pupils will learn about the changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age
  • Spring: This term the focus will be History - The Romans. Pupils will study the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain.
  • Summer: This term History will be covered with the topic entitled - Invaders and Britain’s settlement by Anglo Saxons and Scots.


  • Autumn: pupils will learn in their On-Line Safety lessons how to use technology safely and how to report any concerns. They will also be creating a multi-media resource relating to an English topic
  • Spring: pupils will be looking at different websites, searching effectively, navigating the web and copy / pasting material with a link to their topic on the Romans
  • Summer: pupils will focus on programming using ‘2Code’ from Purple Mash. Pupils will be able to tell the computer what to do by giving it commands to which it will respond



There are many exciting topics covered which include: Teeth and healthy eating, light and shadows, magnets and springs and materials. Our children enjoy these areas and have the opportunity to demonstrate the skills they learn in a fun and challenging way.

Other Information


The national curriculum

Key stage 1 and 2
(Gov.uk - Childcare and parenting)


National curriculum in England

primary curriculum (key stages 1 and 2)

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