Other sports


Agility (Multi-Skills)

The agility or multi-skills club is for KS1 pupils. They have the chance to learn the different techniques used in athletics, such as jumping, throwing, co-ordination and running. The KS1 pupils will enter a competition run by The School Games in the spring term.

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Tri Golf is run in the spring and summer term for different year groups. It introduces pupils to the sport of golf in a fun way.



The basketball club has become popular with the year 5 and 6 pupils. The school has recently entered a league run by Coventry Tornadoes, this gives the pupils a chance to access this basketball both in and outside of school.



Rounders is run in the summer term. Pupils will have the chance to represent our school in the school games competitions. They will learn different striking and fielding techniques while learning the rules of the game.

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