PE & Sport Premium Funding

Amount received this academic year


Breakdown of the funding spend this year

  1. PE Team, which operates across the federation, and the continual development and training of the team. £5027
  2. Large PE team allows for a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, which take place before school starts, during lunchtime and after school. This has allowed the school to target 100% of pupils with an extra-curricular activity at some point through the year.
  3. New PE resources were purchased allowing the school to partake in a wider variety of activities. £3800
  4. G&T links with external clubs. Pupils with outstanding ability are directed towards joining external clubs with the school paying for memberships fees and equipment if needed. CNW tennis club provides further coaching every Monday at a cost of £780 per year.

Effect on pupils’ PE & Sport participation and attainment

  1. Our pupils’ achievements have excelled throughout the year; our teams have reached a number of county finals including Rowing, Athletics, Gymnastics and Multisport.
  2. Cross-country and swimming have been prioritized to promote a healthier lifestyle and the results have been outstanding, winning several cross-country races across a range of year groups.
  3. Swimming standards have increased as a result of the qualified PE team. The target of 25m unaided is projected to be at 80% which is 30% higher than it has ever been.
  4. The percentage of pupils (Yr1-6), partaking in clubs/teams outside of school has increased from 34% to 59% over the last 2 years. This healthy active lifestyle is increasing every year, and in turn, it is improving the standard of primary school sport.
  5. Improved behaviour and school sport ethos being displayed through all areas of the curriculum. Core values like teamwork, respect, self-belief, determination and resilience are celebrated at every opportunity.

How we make these improvements sustainable

By providing the PE team with CPD opportunities, and allowing them to use their expertise to upskill other members of staff. The skills of the PE team will be disseminated across other primary schools in Coventry.

School sport will continue to be used as a tool to promote core values throughout the school. Pupils will be offered regular participation in extra-curricular events.

Willenhall Wolves FC has been created to give our K/S1 pupils, easier access into local sport outside of school. PE team will look to engage parents from the local community in running this provision for the years ahead.