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Performance tables & KS2 results

Follow this link to see our school’s KS2 (key stage 2) results on the Gov.uk “School and college performance tables” service. These (and more) are also displayed below.


KS2 (Key Stage 2)

Reading, Writing and Maths: school progress score

Reading, Writing and Maths: % achieving higher standard

Reading: average scaled score

Maths: average scaled score


KS1 (Key Stage 1)

Reading: % achieving at least expected standard

Reading: % achieving greater depth

Writing: % achieving at least expected standard

Writing: % achieving greater depth

Maths: % achieving at least expected standard

Maths: % achieving greater depth


Year 1

Phonics: % achieving expected standard

Phonics: average score


EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)

% achieving good level of development


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