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Ofsted reports

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Ofsted requirements

Ofsted requires that certain information is published on a school’s website. (Gov.uk: “What maintained schools must publish online”) You will find everything from the main menu but it also all linked from the list below. The required information is:

  • School contact details (1)
    school name, postal address and telephone number, and the name of a person to whom enquiries should be addressed
  • Admission arrangements (2)
    admission arrangements for the school
  • Ofsted reports (3)
    the most recent inspection report about the school
  • Exam and assessment results (4)
    the most recent key stage 2 results:
    • average progress scores in reading, writing and maths
    • average ‘scaled scores’ in reading and maths
    • % achieving the expected standard or above in reading, writing and maths
    • % achieving a high level of attainment in reading, writing and maths
  • Performance tables (6)
    school Performance Tables on the Department for Education’s website
  • Curriculum (7)
    information about the school curriculum:
  • Behaviour policy (8)
    details of the school’s behaviour policy
  • Pupil premium (9)
    a strategy for the school’s use of the Pupil Premium for the current academic year:
    • pupil premium grant allocation amount
    • summary of the main barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible pupils at the school
    • how the pupil premium will be spent to address those barriers and the reasons for that approach
    • how the impact of the pupil premium will be measured
    • date of the next review of the school’s pupil premium strategy
    and for the previous academic year:
    • how the pupil premium allocation was spent
    • impact of the expenditure on eligible and other pupils
  • Governors’ information and duties (10)
    details of the structure and responsibilities of the governing body and its committees including information about each governor’s
    • business interests
    • financial interests
    • governance roles in other schools
  • Charging and remissions policies (11)
    the school’s charging and remissions policy
  • Values and ethos (12)
    a statement of the school’s ethos and values
  • School complaints procedure (12A)
    details of the school’s complaints procedure
  • PE and sport premium for primary schools (a)
    for any PE (physical education) and sport premium funding received, publish:
    • how much funding was received
    • full breakdown of how the funding was or will be spent
    • effect of the premium on pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment
    • how these improvements will be made sustainable
  • Special educational needs (SEN) and disability information (b)
    the implementation of the governing body’s policy for pupils with special educational needs
  • Requests for paper copies (c)
    if a parent requests a paper copy of the information on the school’s website, it must be provided free of charge.

This information is as per item 29 of the School inspection handbook in the paragraph starting “information on the school’s website...”

(1) to (12A)are the items as numbered in Schedule 4 of The School Information (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012 including the amendments in The School Information (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2016

(a)as per What maintained schools must publish online

(b)as per Regulation 51 & 52 of The Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014 which refers to information set out in Schedule 1 of the same document

(c)as per What maintained schools must publish online


Ofsted inspection reports

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Ofsted Parent View

Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about your child’s school


Ofsted Parent View results

Parent View results for our school

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