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Letters & Newsletters

The links below are all Adobe pdf documents which can be viewed on any device. Follow this link to download the free Adobe reader .


Our more recent school newsletters:

2019: July
2019: May
2019: April
2019: February
2018: December


Some of our school notices:

school lunchtime menu (from 6 May 2019)
Parent Questionnaire (July 2017) Analysis
guidance Safeguarding Pupils To and From School
parent information booklet
Pupil Acceptable Use Policy Agreement for KS1
Pupil Acceptable Use Policy Agreement for KS2
Parental Controls for Internet safety

Letters to parents

This is a list of letters that have been circulated to parents - available for you to view and download.

12Jul2018:yr N-6:Ofsted Letter
11Jul2018:yr 3-5:Milk & AJ Letter –¬†Autumn 1 2018
11Jul2018:yr R-2:Milk & AJ Letter – Autumn 1 2018
03Jul2018:yr 2:Y2 UiFSM end letter
28Jun2018:yr 6:Helping Hands Letter
11Jun2018:yr 5-6:Yr 5&6 Sports Morning
11Jun2018:yr 3-4:Yr 3&4 Sports Morning
11Jun2018:yr 1-2:Yr 1&2 Sports Morning
11Jun2018:yr R:Reception Sports Morning
11Jun2018:yr 4:Year 4 Coombe Abbey Trip
08Jun2018:yr N-6:Parent Survey
07Jun2018:yr 5:Xplore Trip Letter
06Jun2018:yr 3&4:Year 3 and 4 Camp at School
05Jun2018:yr N-6:Futures Festival Dress-up Day
25May2018:yr N-6:MUGA Letter May 2018
23May2018:yr 6:Final France Reminder 2018
14May2018:yr 1-6:Milk & AJ Letter Summer 2 2018
04May2018:yr N:Nursery Closure 13th July 2018
04May2018:yr R-6:Change to FSM criteria
23Apr2018:yr R-6: FA Cup Special Meal Day
27Mar2018:yr N: Nursery Disability Access Funding
27Mar2018:yr R-6: Extra Curricular Clubs Summer Term 2018
19Mar2018:yr 3-6: Coventry Family Orchestra-Booking form
16Mar2018:yr 5A: Imagineering Trip
14Mar2018:yr 1-6: Milk & AJ Letter Summer 1 2018
14Mar2018:yr N-6: Red Nose Day 2018
12Mar2018:yr 4: Visit to Coventry City Centre
15Feb2018:yr N-6: World Book Day Letter
7Feb2018:yr 1-6: Milk & AJ Letter Spring 2 2018
5Feb2018:yr 1: Phonics Practise Letter
29Jan2018:yr R-6: Pancake Day Meal Letter
29Jan2018:yr 5: Year 5 Xplore Trip
24Jan2018:yr N-6: Operation Encompass
15Jan2018:yr N-6: Crossing Patrol Notice

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