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At our school we believe a solid understanding of Maths is essential for our pupils to function in their everyday lives, both now and in the future. We aim to equip our pupils with an appreciation of the simplicity, power and beauty of Maths whilst developing in them a sense of curiosity and enjoyment for the subject.

In all years we maintain three key aims for our curriculum: to develop our pupil’s fluency in the fundamentals of mathematics, based on a solid conceptual understanding; to develop our pupil’s abilities to reason, argue, justify and prove their ideas about maths; and to develop our pupil’s capacity to problem solve, applying their knowledge in new and varying ways, preserving and breaking complex problems into simpler steps.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure pupils master the basics of maths before building on this knowledge in later years. For this reason, we place a high emphasis on pupils in Key Stage One learning their Numberbonds within and to 20 and for all pupils to know their times tables by the end of Year Four.

Our curriculum ensures pupils experience maths in the following key areas: The number system and Place Value; Calculations with the four operations + - x รท; Fractions; Measures; Geometry and Statistics. We aim to make links wherever possible for pupils to use their real-life, everyday experiences as the context for maths learning, giving them a reason to study this crucial subject.

For further guidance on how you can support your child to enjoy and succeed in Maths, please visit the National Numeracy Parent Toolkit or talk to your child’s class teacher.

Thank you for your support.

The Maths Team.

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Parent Toolkit

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