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A list of acronyms and terms with their definition appropriate to our school.



AD(H)Dattention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder

admissionsin community schools part of a Local Authority policy but in foundation and voluntary aided schools the governing body is responsible for setting a policy

ASTAdvanced Skills Teacher

ASBOAnti Social Behaviour Order

at risk registerchildren identified by Social Services or Schools as in danger of emotional, physical or sexual abuse or mental cruelty from within their families

attainment targetsthe knowledge, skills and understanding which pupils of differing ability and maturity are expected to have by the end of each Key Stage of the National Curriculum - i.e. At ages 7,11, 14 and 16


baseline assessmentan assessment of a child’s skills and ability usually made by a teacher within the first 7 days of school entry


catchment areaa defined geographical area from which a school takes its pupils

community governorsgovernors appointed by the governing body to represent community interests. Community governors can be persons who live or work in the community served by the school or persons who do not work or live close to school but are committed to the good governance and success of the school

CPDContinuing Professional Development - any activity that increases teachers’ knowledge or understanding

CRBCriminal Records Bureau

curriculuma broad definition including not just the list of subjects taught but all the pupils’ learning experiences at school and the processes of learning as well as the knowledge that is acquired


DCSFDepartment for Children, Schools and Families

DfESDepartment for Education and Skills

dyslexiaused to describe the specific learning disorder of children who have difficulty in acquiring reading, spelling, writing and numeracy skills


EALEnglish as an Additional Language

early yearsNursery and Reception: pupils aged 3-5

ECMEvery Child Matters

eleven pluselective test usually taken at age 11 so selective grammar schools can choose the most academic pupils

equal opportunitieschance for everyone to participate in school life/curriculum

equal opportunities policya governing body’s thinking and practice on issues of equality surrounding gender, race, sexuality, disability and class

ERPEnhanced Resource Provision - provided in our ESC classes

year 6 deltaEnhanced Support Class

exclusionthe temporary or permanent banning of a pupil by the headteacher on disciplinary grounds

EYEarly Years

EYFSEarly Years Foundation Stage


federationthe coming together under one governing body of not more than five maintained schools

FoIFreedom of Information

form entrythe number of classes that a school admits each year

foundation phaseeducational provision for all children from 3-7 years

FSMFree School Meals


G&TGifted and Talented

GTCthe General Teaching Council - an independent professional body for teachers


HLTAHigher Level Teaching Assistant

HMIHer Majesty’s Inspectors of Schools

HSEHealth and Safety Executive

HSWAHealth and Safety at Work Act


ICTInformation and Communication Technology

IEPIndividual Education Plan devised for meeting the special education needs of individual pupils with needs over and above that of other children

inclusioninclusion in education involves the process of increasing the participation of students in, and reducing their exclusion from, the cultures, curricula and communities of local schools

INSETIn-Service Education and Training - professional development for teaching and support staff. 5 INSET days are held each year, pupils do not attend school on these days


JARJoint Area Review


key stagethe four stages of the National Curriculum for pupils aged 5-16

KSKey Stages

KS1Key Stage 1: years 1 & 2: pupils aged 5-7

KS2Key Stage 2: years 3 - 6: pupils aged 7-11

KS3Key Stage 3: years 7 - 9: pupils aged 11-14

KS4Key Stage 4: years 10 & 11: pupils aged 14-16


LALocal Authority (previously known as the LEA the Local Education Authority)

LEALocal Education Authority. A local government body that is responsible for providing education and for carrying out statutory assessments and maintaining Statements

LEA governorgovernor appointed by the LEA

LEA maintained schoolschool for which an LEA has financial and administrative responsibility

Learning Directa free advice line offering information on adult education Tel 0800 100 900

liaison governora governor who acts as a critical friend to the Governor Development Team to monitor the training provision and evaluate the quality of the service provided to all governors


mixed abilitya Teaching group in which children of all abilities are taught together and not streamed or set


NAHTNational Association of Head Teachers

NASUWTNational Association of Schoolmasters and Union of Women Teachers

national curriculumestablished by the 1988 Education Act to ensure that all pupils receive a broad and balanced education

NCSLNational College for School Leadership

newly qualified teacherteachers who obtain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) must successfully complete an induction period of three school terms (or equivalent) in order to remain eligible for employment as a teacher in maintained schools and non maintained special schools

NGFLNational Grid for Learning

non-teaching or support staffmembers of school staff employed by the governors to provide services in school other than teaching, such as classroom assistants, cleaners and administrators

NQTNewly Qualified Teacher

NUTNational Union of Teachers


occupational therapythe use of the purposeful activity and play to help a child attain maximum level of functional performance

OfstedOffice for Standards in Education. The body which sets standards and arranges school inspections

OTOccupational Therapy

outturnstatement of what the school actually spent by the end of the financial year


parenta parent includes any person, who is not a parent of the child but has parental responsibility; or who cares for them under Section 576 of the Education Act 1996

parent governorgovernor elected by the parents of pupils on roll at the time of the election

performance managementa review of teachers’ performance both as individuals and in teams. It sets a framework for heads, teacher and their team leaders to establish and review priorities and objectives

peripatetic teachernormally a teacher who provides specialist instruction e.g. music at a number of schools

PFIPrivate Finance Initiative

PIsPerformance Indicators - measures to judge incremental, year-on-year trends or progress relative to national, regional, local or similar authority averages or top of class scores

plenarythe time at the end of a lesson in which the teacher finds out what children have learnt

PPAPlanning, Preparation and Assessment time - non contact time for teachers

prospectusdocument describing the school’s ethos for prospective parents. The Education Act defines sections which must be included to allow parents to compare schools

PRUPupil Referral Unit

PSHEPersonal, Social and Health Education

PTAParent Teacher Association

pupil referral Unitany school established and maintained by an LEA which is specially organised to provide education for pupils who would not otherwise receive suitable education


QCAQualifications and Curriculum Authority

QTSQualified Teacher Status

quorumthe number of governors who must be present to validate the proceedings of a governors’ meeting


REReligious Education

resolutiona formal resolution made at a meeting which has been voted upon and agreed


SAFESecurity Action for Education

SALTSpeech and Language Therapist

SATsStandard Assessment Tasks used for curriculum assessment

SDPSchool Development Plan

secondmentthe release of staff on a temporary basis to work elsewhere

SENSpecial Educational Needs - policy and practice in relation to some 20%+ of the pupil population who at one or another time in their school careers experience some form of learning difficulty

SENCOSpecial Educational Needs Co-ordinator

SIMSSchools Information Management Systems. A computer software package to assist schools in managing information on pupils, staff and resources

SIPSchool Improvement Plan

SLAService Level Agreement - a written contract between a provider of services and their purchaser, commonly found in local government internal arrangements between one department or service and another, eg between Education Services and Schools

SLTSenior Leadership Team

SMART Targetsan acronym for School Attainment Targets - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-limited

special educational needschildren have special educational needs if they have learning difficulties that need special educational provision. They have learning difficulties if they find it harder to learn than most children of the same age or they have disabilities that make it difficult for them in school

special educational provisionthe additional or different help given to children with SEN

speech & language therapya health care profession, the roll and aim of which is to enable young adults and children with speech, language and communication difficulties to reach their maximum communication potential and achieve independence in all aspects of life

statementingstatement of special educational needs. A document that sets out a child’s significant special educational needs and all the additional help they should receive

Sure Startan innovative cross-departmental strategy to improve services for children under 4 and those in disadvantages areas


TATeaching Assistant

T&LTeaching and Learning

Teachers TVa digital television channel and website which enables teachers and schools to learn by sharing practical ideas and information

TESTimes Educational Supplement

thresholdteachers may apply to be assessed to be paid above the threshold of their incremental ceiling


UNISONunion of local authority, health and other public sector employees


value addedshows the progress made by an individual pupil or groups of pupils compared with the average progress made by similar pupils nationally between the Key Stages


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