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September 2016

“Science Quality Mark congratulations”

Thank you to everybody at Willenhall Primary School who worked so hard in their science last year. Through this hard work we were able to achieve the Primary Science Quality Mark silver award. This award recognises a very high quality of teaching and learning in science and that children are engaged in great science both in and outside the classroom.

Mr Faulkner

9 June 2016 (Thursday)

“Year 2 Trip to Ash End Farm”

Year 2 had a fantastic time (and some fantastic weather!) on their trip to Ash End Farm. They found out how young animals change into adults and even had chance to feed some of them.

‘We got to have the nursery chicks on our laps for a stroke! Farmer Julie even showed us the Reception, Infant, Junior and senior chickens. How lovely!’

‘Then we went to feed the goats. Farmer Julie introduced a young kid called Simon who danced whenever there was food to be seen.’

Thank you to Yasmine Yadav for writing about what a fantastic day she had.

Mr Faulkner

12 May 2016 (Thursday)

“Year 4 Trip To Brilliant Brandon Marsh”

Last week Year 4 went on a trip to Brandon Marsh (Thursday 12th May). When we were there, there were two activities, pond dipping and food chains. In pond dipping there were all different types of water creatures including leeches! We tried to catch one of each but we couldn’t. The best part was in food chains because we played a game where there were herbivores, carnivores and a top carnivore.

Helen Mustafa & Libby-Lea Smith (4A)

3 May 2016 (Tuesday)

“Year 3 Car Wash”

On Tuesday, 3rd May, the Year 3’s took part in a car wash as part of their Entrepreneur Week that they had been learning about in Maths. They calculated capacity, estimated profits, organised the afternoon and decided how much to charge. The pupils were very enthusiastic and incredibly helpful. We are still calculating how much profit was made on the day but it is looking at more than £50! Well done Year 3!

Mrs Watson

26 April 2016 (Tuesday)

“Year 1 trip To Twycross Zoo”

At the start of the term Year 1 went on a trip to Twycross Zoo. Whilst we were there we found out about what animal bodies were covered with and also about the sort of food they eat. We have been looking more at these animals in the class and making our own animal fact files! The children were tired out from all the walking but at least they got to experience a picnic in the snow!

Mr Faulkner

12 April 2016 (Tuesday)

“Year 3 and ESC Anglo Saxon Visitor”

The pupils in Year 3 and ESC were visited by an Anglo Saxon man. They learnt all about the culture and life of an everyday Anglo Saxon person before competing in some warrior training. At the end of the day there was a ‘blood feud’ battle between the two classes where one of the warriors ended up dead! The pupils then buried the warrior in the traditional Anglo Saxon way. All of the pupils learnt a huge amount from the day and great fun was had by all!

Miss Watson

20 March 2016 (Sunday)

“Willenhall WASPS Guard of Honour”

Willenhall artists who took part in a Wasps art competition, were selected to form a guard of honour for the match against Sale Sharks on Sunday the 20th of March. Over 40 of our pupils drew their favourite wasps player and as a result the school were selected to fly their flags as the players ran out onto the pitch.

As well as the guard of honour, 4 pupils were selected to run out on to the pitch as a mascot, holding hands with one of the players.

It didn’t stop there though as 12 more pupils then took part in a Tag Rugby match down on the pitch at half time.

The day was an unforgettable experience and I’m sure it will live long in the memory for all of the pupils who attended.

Mr Elliott

19 March 2016 (Saturday)

“Cross Country - hard work beats talent when talent don’t work hard”

Another fresh Saturday morning awaited the school cross country runners, only this time the boys and the girls came together to compete in the mixed relay races. All 48 Primary schools were once again involved, with Willenhall challenged to keep their record going of finishing in the top 5 of every race so far this year.

There were 3 races for 12 of our pupils.

  1. Mixed Relay - Ollie, Hayden, Izzy & Odu
  2. Girls Relay - Mia, Rhaya, Renace & Alyshia
  3. Boys Relay - Khalid, Max, Filip & Darlington

Only one runners could race at a time and they needed to run the entire Bablake playing field, before handing over to their next team mate.

More success followed as the Mixed race came 1st in an exciting race, which saw the first 3 runners open up a healthy lead, only for that lead to be cut on the final lap. Thankfully Odu managed to hold on to it to secure 1st place and win the trophy.

The Girls started slowly but chipped away at the leaders. 7th position after the first lap, the girls chased down the top 5 to secure 3rd place and collect winners medals.

The boys were missing their top two runners, Ollie and Hayden had already won the Mixed trophy, so weren’t available for this race. Despite missing them, the four chosen boys ran really well and were pushed from 5th down to 6th on the finish line.

The Joe O’Brien promises to be an exciting race as Willenhall look to achieve something which has never been done before… A FULL PODIUM of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th placed finishers. In previous years we have come close having 1st, 2nd and 3rd but missing out on 4th, but this could be the year we finally achieve it.

Well done to all of our runners who have put Willenhall Cross Country club on the map as one of the strongest in the city.

Mr Elliott

7 March 2016 (Monday)

“Willenhall Gymnasts compete in county final for the first time”

After qualifying as the Coventry East winners in the local gymnastics competition, pupils from year 2 travelled to Solihull to compete in the county final for the first time ever. The event was held in a real gymnastics studio and the children enjoyed several activities including...

  • Beams & Bar
  • Trampoline
  • Vault
  • The floor

Our gymnasts were marked by real judges for their performance on the Vault (bench), and the floor. Judges were looking for...

  • Pointy toes
  • Smooth routines
  • Good transitions into their next move
  • Good balance
  • A nice straight back
  • Soft knees

The 10 gymnasts that represented the school were:

Phoebe C, Naimah, Phoebe D, Yasmine, Alyssa, Lea-Enna, Tariq, Cameron, Theo & Lincoln

After a fun filled afternoon we finished 5th out of the 12 schools who competed, and beat the other school representing Coventry, which means we are officially the most gymnastic school in Coventry.

Well done guys.

Mr Elliott

7 March 2016 (Monday)

“School football badge competition”

We asked our pupils to design their best Willenhall Wolves FC badge, which would then go onto our new football kit worn by our new year 1 football team.

We had over 100 entries into the art competition and we have finally picked a top 3.

Winners will be announced in the Easter assembly with the winner taking home a brand new bike.

Here is a video of just some of the entries.

Mr Elliott

5 March 2016 (Saturday)

“Cross Country Girls match the boys success”

This week it was the girls turn to compete in the annual cross country race at bablake and it was another huge success.

  • The A team consisted of: Izzy, Odu, Mia, Kirsty, Sara and Renace
  • The B team consisted of: Alyshia, Anais, Maria, Chyna, Chelsea, Chloe and Emily

The girls A team ran in horrible boggy conditions because of he overnight rain and snow, but their performance was well worth getting muddy for. Roughly 250 girls took part...

Our A team scores were:

  • Izzy - 8th
  • Odu - 18th
  • Mia - 41st
  • Kirsty - 54th
  • Renace - 58th
  • Sara - 72nd (score did not count)

Our team waited agonizingly to hear the results and the fantastic news was, that we had finished in 3rd place out of 45 schools.

Our B team scores were:

  • Alyshia - 11th
  • Rhaya - 22nd
  • Emily - 32nd
  • Anais - 38th
  • Maria - 62nd (score did not count)
  • Chelsea - 87th (score did not count)
  • Chyna - 93rd (score did not count)
  • Chloe - 127th (score did not count)

Our B team also put in such a great performance, that they came 2nd overall narrowly missing out to Bablake.

Mr Elliott

2 March 2016 (Wednesday)

“High 5 Netball team Win knockout tournament”

The netball team travelled to the Excel leisure centre to compete against 9 other schools in a quest to reach the county final for the 3rd year in a row.

The team was: Jessica, Anais M, Mia, Izzy, Declan, Jetmir and Charlie

In group B we played against All Saints, Aldermans Green, Grangehurst & St Barts. The team rotated their positions moving from GS to GK to SUB. This gave all of our pupils the chance to play in attack and defence. The matches were 10 minutes long (5 mins per half)

The scores were:

  • WCP 4 - 0 All Saints
  • WCP 5 - 0 Aldermans Green
  • WCP 5 - 0 Grangehurst
  • WCP 1 - 0 St Barts

The final game was very close and St Barts challenged us all the way. With this win we then had to play the winner of group A which was Henley Green.

It was a very tight game but we won 2-0 to win our heat. The winner of Thursday’s heat was St Annes and we will now play them in a winner takes all match to see which school will represent Coventry East at this years county final.

Well done to all of our netball players, they moved the ball with sharpe precision on a cold blustery day and simply blew away the competition without a single goal being scored against us.

You have done your school proud.

Mr Elliott

1 March 2016 (Tuesday)

“Boys football team continue their unbeaten run in the league”

The boys travelled to Moat House Primary school to continue with their league fixtures this week and looked to continue their fine form. Some good performances in training forced Mr Openshaw to change the team around and it had a drastic effect on the teams performce.

The team was:

  • GK - Charlie
  • DF - Declan
  • DF - Ollie
  • DF - Corey
  • MF - Nathan
  • MF - Matys
  • ST - Rahman
  • SUBS - Jetmir, Jonathon & Khalid

Nathan and Matys proved Mr Openshaw was right to give them their chance in the team by scoring a goal each and winning them the game. Despite them both playing so well NATHAN was named as the MAN OF THE MATCH.

Here is a clip of Matys scoring his first ever goal. Well done boys lets keep it up and win the league.

Mr Elliott

27 February 2016 (Saturday)

“Cross Country Success for our boys - AT LAST”

Our boys cross country team have been working hard all throughout the winter months in the sportshall and outside. They travelled to Bablake to compete against 45 other primary school from around Coventry. The favourites were Bablake and King Henry as they have shared the top two places for the last few years and Willenhall have never placed inside the top 5.

There were two races A & B. The A race was for the stronger runners and the B race was open to a wider variety of age groups and ability.

  • The A team consisted of: Ollie, Max, Hayden, Khalid, Filip and Darlington
  • The B team consisted of: Loveon, Abue, Ebrima, Reece, Leo, Leon, Rahman, Jaden, Michael and Shemiah

The A team worked their socks off against roughly, 250 runners with Ollie placing near the front in 4th place. Top 5 scores would count out of the 6 runners.

Our A team scores were:

  • Ollie - 4th
  • Hayden - 8th
  • Khalid - 14th
  • Filip - 33rd
  • Max - 49th
  • Darlington - 54th (score did not count)

Total: 108 pts

Our team waited agonizingly to hear the results and the fantastic news was, that we had finished in 2nd place out of 45 schools, winning a shield in the process. Bablake were the overall winners with a fantastic score of just 71 Pts.

Our B team scores were:

  • Loveon - 10th
  • Ebrima - 16th
  • Leo - 46th
  • Reece - 56th
  • Abu - 66th (Score did not count)
  • Rahman - 67th (Score did not count)
  • Shemiah - 100th(Score did not count)
  • Jaden - 103rd (Score did not count)
  • Leon - 111th (Score did not count)
  • Michael - 152nd (Score did not count)

Total: 128 pts

Our B team showed that we will have a strong A team in the future with another strong performance placing 5th overall. Only the top 4 runners scores counted.

Mr Elliott

26 February 2016 (Wednesday)

“Year 4 Investigate Coventry”

Me and my class went on a fantastic trip to Coventry on the 26th February. We were going there because we needed to find the difference between Willenhall and Coventry’s physical and human features.

We wrote down some human features when we got to the Ring Road despite the fact were on the mini-bus. Furthermore, when we got off, we walked past the Coventry Leisure and Sports Centre (known as ‘Cov Baths’), the Bus Station and some shops.

I got really excited because even though another class were there, we got to see the old Coventry Cathedral, which got bombed in the time of the depressing, sad Blitz. In addition, the cathedral was opposite Coventry University so we stopped to plot it on our maps.

Finally, we did our survey of people entering the shops, and I was so tired, we went back to school.

Lutfah Ibrahim

23 February 2016 (Tuesday)

“Tag Rugby at Blue Coat School”

The tag rugby team travelled to Blue coat to take part in a small tournament involving Willenhall, Whitmore Park and Howse.

The team was: Max, Ollie, Shyell, Max, Jonathan, Hayden, Matys, Israel and Gurtej

Every Willenhall player scored a try during the whole tournament. The rugby team raced to victory against Howse but it was a more even match against Whitmore Park. The team only managed to draw with Whitmore but won the whole tournament on goal diffierence because Willenhall scored the most tries throughout the competition.

Well done guys all your hard work paid off.

Faith Morgan (school reporter)

23 February 2016 (Tuesday)

“Boys 4-a-side Football Final (Brilliant boys battle Bablake)”

Willenhall Took part in the Coventry Connexions 4-a-side football Finals night. After qualifying through a difficult group including Pearl Hyde & Whoberley, Willenhall were then put up against an even tougher group with Finham, Stivichall and Bablake. The boy’s team consisting of Nathan, Declan, Corey, Rahman, Charlie and Jetmir were hoping to the first team from Willenhall to reach the grand final, but it wasn’t meant to be.

In a very tight game against bablake an unfortunate deflection took the ball past Nathan to give Bablake a 1-0 win. This now meant that we needed to win our two remaining game to get to the final. We then played a good Finham team with a good goalkeeper. Willenhall were the better team but just couldn’t score. The game finished 0-0.

In our final game against Stivichall we looked tired after playing two games back to back and couldn’t handle the pace of the game. We lost 1-0 and were knocked out as one of the final 8 teams in the whole of Coventry. The boys did themselves really Proud and will now look to continue their solid performances in the league.

Ellis Osborne and Faith Morgan (school reporters)

21 December 2014 (Sunday)

“Tag Rugby final at the Ricoh”

The school took to the Ricoh Arena to compete in their ENGAGE final. The game was played at half time during the Wasps debut game against London Irish. Wyken Croft were our opponents and we won 8-6 to become Coventry Champions.

Here are some of our action shots:

Mr Elliott

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