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At our school the History and Geography curriculum are taught in a focus week of study, which the pupils know as ‘Humanities Week’. The week’s study always includes a trip, a visit outside of school or a visitor in to work with the pupils, as a motivational and stimulating experience to enhance their learning.

The Foundation Subjects curriculum is designed to follow the New National Curriculum programmes of study. The lessons focus on the teaching and development of geographical and historical skills, ensuring progression through the year groups. We aim to make learning enjoyable, exciting and engaging, through the use of experiential activities and active learning strategies.

The year group topics are:

Autumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
Year 1Geography: Our School Environment
History: Toys & Play
Visit to St John’s Museum, Warwick
History: Victorians
Visit to St John’s Museum, Warwick
Geography: Beyond our School
Year 2History: In the Sky
Visit to Coventry Airport
Night time
Visitor & animals to School
History: The Great Fire of London
Geography: Lets Travel out of Coventry
Year 3Geography: Marvelous Maps
History: Stone Age to Iron Age
Visit to Cresswell Crags
History: The Romans
Roman Visitor in school
History: Invaders Britain’s settlement by: Anglo Saxons & Scots
Year 4History: The Vikings
Visit to Lufton Court
History: World War II
Geography: Our City
Visit to City Centre
Geography: Where in the world?
Year 5History: Egyptians
Egyptian Visitor to school
Geography: Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Mountains, Rivers & the Water Cycle
History: The Royal Family
Visit to London
Year 6History: The Greeks
History: The Myans
Visit to Cadbury world
Geography: Europe
Trip to France


Our Religious Education Curriculum follows the Coventry Agreed Syllabus. Our pupils learn about the different religions and learn from the religions.

Pupils study the religions Christianity and Islam in depth and learn in less detail about other religions, Sikhism, Hinduism, Judaism and Buddhism.

It is our aim to develop an understanding of the similarities between different religions in order to nurture understanding and tolerance.

“Religion presents a story which gives humans a pathway to follow on how they should live their lives”.

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